lazerDear Presenters,

I am thrilled to have been selected to be an approved and sponsored artist in the 2008-2009 Virginia Commission of the Arts program. If you haven't yet received the catalog you will shortly. The grant money will give presenters a break on the price (up to %50) and will given out on a first come first serve basis. This will allow presenter to bring in my show at a substantial savings.

Contact Gerri at DCA Productions at 1-800-659-2063 or via email at today.

mark nizer-entertainer of the yearTHE SHOW
The show is a 90 minute romp that will change the way you think about gravity and the limits of imagination. Mark Nizer lights his show with video projectors (which he supplies). Lazer juggling, a dimension beam that converts movement to music allows Mark to play music while juggling. 30 years in the making this is a one man show that can fill any stage space. From an intimate 200 seat black box to 3000 plus venues, Mark will reach everyone.

paramount theatre-sold outWHO IS THE SHOW FOR?
Mark has performed for all ages, from a school outreach, to a late night college audience to 30 corporate CEO's, to 3000 seat theatre. Mark's unique combination of skill, creativity, originality, humor, music and charisma makes his show perfect for all ages. A family show that will keep the interest of teens, young kids and parents alike.

See the video HERE and treat your patrons to something they will never forget.



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