Mark Nizer - Letters of Recommendation

Thanks on behalf of Lincoln Center and all your adoring fans for a really delightful and skilled performance. Your presentation is witty, your juggling superb and you are an easy and cooperative performer that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any presenter.

This is the second time you’ve appeared here at Lincoln Center, and this time I believe your audience exceeded 3,000—all of them amused and astonished for a captivating hour.

Jenn Webster
Associate Director of Programming/Producer
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts


Wow! I cannot recall a show where I've seen an audience that alternated between being entranced by the sheer spectacle of your show -- and being in absolute stitches at the comedy woven throughout. You were masterful in grabbing their attention -- and holding it.

In fact, your performance still stands out vividly, even in the memories of my own children: A month later, my 4 year old daughter announces that she is going to perform "the impossible trick" for us -- and then does her version. My 6 year old son now performs "a light show" with various flashlights and glow-sticks in darkened rooms that is obviously inspired by the wonder you struck into the hearts of them and everyone that night. These kids still regularly discuss that you are the best juggler in the world, debate how many flaming torches you kept in the air... Grown-ups, too, are still talking about you!

As an bonus, Mark, you're an absolute pleasure to work with. Funny -- professional -- flexible -- and crazy-talented. I would recommend working with you to anyone. Thank you for performing at the Mary C.

We were beyond proud to host your show.

Eric Zala
Executive Director
Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts & Education


On behalf of the Board of the Tehama County Community Concert Association and your audience here in Red Bluff, California, I want to express our appreciation for a great performance this past month.

From initial contacts through event cleanup everything went smoothly. Your performance enthralled the audience which was composed of people of all ages from children through very senior adults. You certainly maintained rapport with your audience throughout the evening. The combination of your skill and coordination coupled with the lighting effects and technologies used was extremely impressive. My one regret was that our local Fire Chief was not willing to permit or even consider you juggling lighted propane cylinders.

Again, our thanks for sharing your time and talents with us. We certainly enjoyed having you with us and were sorry you were faced with snow closed highways which necessitated some major detouring on your way home.

Marvin E. Locke
President The Tehama County Community Concert Association
Tehama County, California


I highly recommend the juggler, Mark Nizer for audiences of all ages.

In December, Mark performed two shows at Castleton State College, one for the school children and one full evening show for mostly the college community and the general public. Both performances were sold out. Not only are Mark's skills and talent as a juggler amazing, but also his creative presentation with music, especially the Laser Diabolo, captivates the audience to the end. His sense of humor is sometimes dry, yet warm and charming, never offensive. His sensitivity to adjusting his humor to a young audience for the school show was greatly appreciated.

Mark related well to a wide range of audience members and they responded with standing ovations. His shows are well designed and choreographed.

Mark is absolutely professioinal, courteous and such a pleasure to work with.

Mark Nizer was a huge hit at Castleton! Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide additional information.

Hariko Y. Hancock
Director of Fine Arts Center
Castleton State College, Vermont


Mark Nizer juggled his way into the hearts of the citizens of Alexandria, VA.  I have never experienced such a show before in my life.  The non-stop comedy and the quality I have never seen the likes of before.

Mark’s performance is so spell-binding that you don’t even want to blink because you might miss something.  The show is not only enjoyable to watch but interactive with the audience having the opportunity to be a part of the show.

From now on we will be comparing everything according to the Mark Nizer standard of entertainment.  So if you are in Alexandria and hear someone say “Oh!!!!!!!! That was a Nizer”, than you know that they have achieved a phenomenal compliment.

I must say he is an all around great person to get to know and we hope to engage him in many more ventures throughout the years to come.

Delreo Norris-Towler
Director, Arts 4 All & All 4 Arts, Inc.

We recently had the pleasure of presenting Mark Nizer on our Educational Theatre series with his piece "Juggling Across The Curriculum" with Mark Nizer.

Our goal always is to select the program with the right educational value, exposing youth theatre patrons to live theatrical productions and entertainment while keeping admission financially manageable for students and families . The piece was enhanced by the curriculum connections of Science, Math, Visual Art, Dance, Theatre and Technology.

I must say after seeing the performance I gained a new appreciation for the art of Juggling. Not only was Mark very cordial and friendly you can see his passion for the art of Juggling. I would recommend Mark to other presenters.

Thank you for your attention and for the opportunity to work with you.

Karen Wilson
Program Director
Educational Theatre & Outreach Programs

It has been nearly one month since we presented Mark Nizer at The Clayton Center and our community is still talking about the show.

Mark Nizer's program was pure entertainment! The show drew a wide range of audience members from young of age to young of heart. Mark is able to provide a delicate balance of humor and entertainment appropriate for both young children and adults alike. The show is much more than world-class juggling. Mark delivers a multi-sensory experience with lasers and 3D imagery, moving the show along with deft hands and clever humor.

Mark is a pro in every sense of the word. He is down to earth and easy to work with, he is committed to delivering a solid performance, his stage presence is top notch and his juggling skills are out of this world!

With eye catching promotional materials and an already established reputation (one fan bought over 50 tickets the day the show went on sale), Mark was able to draw an excellent crowd to our 600 seat theater.
My thanks to Mark for a great show!
Executive Director
The Clayton Center


The guests at our annual service awards banquet on January 28 were absolutely enthralled with your outstanding program! Your humor, world class juggling and clever technology kept them excited and enthused. As I was leaving the ballroom, I heard many, many compliments on your entertaining program.

I, personally, would like to extend by grateful appreciation for your flexibility in making the evening a success for us. You are definitely at the top of our entertainment list for these banquets' You were wonderful to work with - thank you so much!

Helen Galloway
Employee Activities/Recognition Coordinator
Human Resources
Orlando Regional Healthcare Systems

Mark Nizer was an overwhelming success for our annual dinner. What a treat for our members and guests! Thanks so much for locating him for us. It was well worth the effort.

Let me assure you that if anyone is seeking a fun evening of entertainment this is definitely a top choice. And the humor, which is delivered machine-gun style, is first rate. Suitable for any audience. The only concern I heard voiced was that people were afraid to laugh at one line for fear of missing the next one. What a problem.

Mark presents himself professionally yet with a personal touch that will endear himself to any audience. He has an audience sensitivity that will earn any presenter high marks. Just an all around great entertainer. And can he juggle! Let folks see his video clip to get the best feel of the talent presented.

As you know, I first saw Mark in a crowd of over 10,000 and I was nearly as far away as one could be. Yet his performance was compelling. Now I have seen him front row in a crowd of 700 and he was just as effective. I can’t say enough to recommend this talent to your clients. Thanks again for your efforts on our behalf.

Jack Moberg
Marrietta Chamber of Commerce


As President & CEO of the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council, I would like to personally thank you for providing our constituency with such entertaining evenings and educational performances during your recent tour of Cultural Region 8. Having seen you showcase at the Performing Arts Exchange several years ago and again this January in New York City at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference, I was thrilled to be able to see your whole show. And what a show it was!

My guests that evening included one of our Board members and the President & CEO of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce who traveled from Monroe to Winnsboro with my wife and I for dinner and then the show. They were all extremely complimentary of the show and were particularly impressed with the fact that you were having as much fun as we in the audience. And, even more amazed that we were showcasing performing artists of your caliber in this rural and under served section of Louisiana.

I've heard nothing but positive reports from the other venues and glowing reports about your educational performances in the schools that you visited. As the major underwriter for the tour, I cannot begin to tell you how important that feedback is to me in evaluating the Arts Council's community programming. It's always such a pleasure to hear these positive comments from students, teachers and the audiences at the public performances.

Once again, thank you for sharing your talents with the residents of Northeast Louisiana.
President & CEO
Northeast Louisiana Arts Council

What a complete thrill it was to have Mark Nizer in Raton on May 6 for his juggling workshop and then his performance at the Shuler Theater that evening.

It was a terrific show that mesmerized, astonished and thoroughly entertained our audience.

It was a pleasure to work with you, and I hope we can do more in the future. Best of luck!

Marilyn Donati
Executive Director
Raton Arts Council
Raton, New Mexico 87740

Thank you for the fantastic show last week! I have never seen our students respond so favorably to a campus performer. From the minute you stepped on stage, until the standing ovation at the end of your performance you held the audience spellbound. Students are still stopping by my office to ask if it would be possible to have you on campus again.

I appreciated your enthusiastic, caring attitude toward our Student Activities Council members; it is a joy to work with a performer who genuinely cares about the people “behind the scenes.”

Mark, your act was incredible! Thank you again for the awesome performance.

Pamela Thompson : Director of Student Activities
Northwestern University
Orange City, Iowa


Mark's show last night was fabulous!! The audience ate it up. Can't believe what he can do! And I laughed so long and hard that I almost made myself sick. I had never experienced before the effects of prolonged laughter to that extent. Popular Science magazine should do an article on his behind-the-scenes technologies. MOST impressive. The 3-D effects were great, as well. It appeared as if visuals were hovering over the center of the audience.

Mark was so easy to work with, too. Hope we can have him back in a few years! :-)


Sonny Burnette
Georgetown College
Lexington, KY


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