Mark Nizer Quotes

"A phenomenal juggler and hilarious comedian"
-The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC

"He continues to conjure up new ways to delight and entertain."
-Alan Plotkin, Jugglers World Magazine

" -Expect the Impossible- You have to be very confident or very skilled to present a show with that kind of title, and Mark Nizer would seem to be both."
-New York Times

"Juggler extraordinaire Mark Nizer's "Expect the Impossible" features 3-D lasers, robots and lots of laughs."
-New York Post

"Both Michael Moschen and Mark Nizer were standouts! "
-Variety, review of Just For Laughs Festival


"One of the best practitioners of the art."
-Los Angeles Times

LA TImes

"You'll be on your feet for this amazing juggler and his hilarious one man show!"
-Walt Disney Cruise Line

"Mark Nizer is the best juggler on the road today and very funny too. With 3-D in the show's title, the tickets flew out of the box office as fast as Mark can spit ping pong balls."
- Jeffrey Gabel, Founding Executive Director
Gettysburg Majestic Theater

"Mark Nizer is the genuine thing. More than an incredible juggler, he is a talented entertainer who can take any situation and run with exceptional blend of comedy and the art of juggling. "
-Campus Activities Magazine

"Wow! I cannot recall a show where I've seen an audience that alternated between being entranced by the sheer spectacle of your show -- and being in absolute stitches at the comedy woven throughout. You were masterful in grabbing their attention -- and holding it. "
Eric Zala - Executive Director - Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts & Education

"From the minute he stepped on stage, until the standing ovation at the end of his performance he held the audience spellbound."
-Pamela Thompson: Northwestern College

"Mark Nizer set an incredibly fast pace in his action-packed, comedy-filled, show."
- Russ Kaufman

"Mark Nizer was hands down one of the best assemblies we have ever had. K-5 students attended the assembly and every age group loved it. Mark has a unique ability to entertain every age group in the room, including the adults. He set his own show up and was very flexible and accommodating to our school regarding space, resources and time. He is an incredible artist, and wonderful person. He brought joy to our kids."
-Brownsville Elementary PTO.

"Mark's show last night was fabulous!! The audience ate it up. Can't believe what he can do! And I laughed so long and hard that I almost made myself sick. I had never experienced before the effects of prolonged laughter to that extent."
-Sonny Burnette, Georgetown College, KY

"I believe my mouth was open for most of the performance we sat around for hours trying to figure out our favorite part we just couldn't come up with one. It was that good!!!!"
-Delreo Norris-Towler, All 4 Arts & Arts 4 All

"Your performance is witty, your juggling superb...I would not hesitate to recommend you to any presenter."
-Jenneth Webster: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

"You are truly one of the greatest, combining comedy, juggling skill, athleticism, grace and good looks in a highly appealing and professional manner."
-Bill Giduz, editor, Jugglers World Magazine

"Without a doubt the hottest juggler on the entertainment market, Mark Nizer is simply incredible."
-American Entertainment Magazine
AEM Cover

"Marks performance was hot! Mark worked the crowd like magic, appealing to the great variety of ages present. His juggling and comedy was flawless. He is one of two performers in our history who has received a standing ovation and we are a tough crowd."
-Michelle Komorowski: Univ. of Texas Tyler

"Mark Nizer is a gifted performer with a fine sense of comic timing. Nizer's juggling is top notch, too, accompanied by razor sharp dialogue. Even when working with volunteers, his wit is lively and his delivery is on target."
-Jerry Martin, JUGGLE Magazine

"Mark has an awesome show. Mark is the first entertainer all year to receive a standing ovation. One of the best shows we have had..."
-Director of Student Activities: Waldorf College

"We interviewed Mark in what turned out to be our last issue. We're almost sure it was just a coincidence."
- Steve Brown, Ex-Columnist for Fiend Magazine

"The show was great Friday! Thanks for doing such a superb job. I plan to speak with our performing arts staff about bringing you in again next year."
-James Bass, Assistant Director/Program Director, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

"Supremely Entertaining."
-Jennifer Reading, Fordham University, Bronx, NY

"MARK WAS SENSATIONAL. Thanks for sharing Mark Nizer with Louisiana. His performance and message will long be remembered with great fondness."
-Phil Gugliuzza, Executive Director for the Louisiana Association of Student Councils

" are a wonderful talent...funny & most remarkable."
-Michael Bollinger, Director, Suffolk Center, Suffolk, VA

Bob Hope"He keeps getting better and better and I didn't think that was possible."
-Bob Hope
Mary Hart

"I like the way he dresses."
-Mary Hart, Entertainment Tonight

"Fantastic !"
-Dave Barry, Miami Herald

"Oh my gosh people are still talking about it. Mark is like incredible. I can attest that none of us have ever seen anything even similar to his performance."
-Delreo Norris-Towler, All 4 Arts & Arts 4 All

"Nothing less than brilliant!"
-Performance Magazine

"After 32 years and over 14,500 performances...I was asked to name the 10 performances that I enjoyed the most and your name immediately made the list. I was then asked to name the performers who were the easiest to present and you made that list also. Keep making children and adults smile for many more years. You make the impossible seem easy and you add your special humor."
Steve Davis - Stevens Center, North Carolina School of the Arts

"We have received nothing but great comments about your shows. Many people have said the change up and the fun was just what they needed.

I reply: "Well, we thought Mark's show would be a great pick me up from the winter doldurms, but we had no idea the show would provide two hours of diversion from all the negative talk about the economy. We all got a double benefit!"

It was a great experience to present you."
Jay Jantzen - Redmond Community Concert Association, Redmond OR

One of the best things anyone ever told me I heard as you had just wrapped up the other night: "He is fabulous! He is worth three or four times what we paid to see him!”
Kim Edward Renz, Executive Director, Theater at Lime Kiln, Lexington, VA

"Mark Nizer (I would fly around the world to see that act) was a show stopper!"
Dan Halkyard/ Producer/Director - Rose Center Theater

"Mark, it was an absolute pleasure on our part to work with you!! I’m still hearing from folks raving about the show today."
Eric Zala, Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center

"Mark is remarkable!"
Paul Lormand, Director, Fine and Performing Arts Center, Western Carolina University

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed today’s performance with Mark Nizer! Thank you so very much for rearranging the date and being so flexible. For many of our students, it was the first time they have been to a live performance of any type! Mr. Nizer captivated our students and held it throughout the entire show, even our toughest “sales!”
Laura Price, The Learning Center, Jackson County Public Schools, Sylva, NC

"Comedic juggling superstar !"
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce, San Luis Obispo, CA

"It was great to be in the audience and see how the people around us actually appreciated the skills involved, they were really going crazy for the tricks in between laughing all the time. Just the whole experience was so cool on so many levels, its hard to describe!"
Jay Gilligan, International Juggling Inovator, Finland

The show was terrific. It was an all ages crowd and you clicked with every age group. I saw a 10 year old boy (who is a friend of the family) in stitches in one row and 3 rows back a group of college students also having a great time. Great work. You're a real pro and I'll let others I work with know about it."
Peter J. Palermo | Director | Hettenhausen Center for the Arts | McKendree University

"It was a pleasure to work with you."
Jeff Brown, Assistant Production Manager, Orpheum Theater, Omaha Performing Arts Center, Omaha, Nebraska.

"Thanks again for such a phenomenal show! Your professionalism and talent are inspirational and much appreciated."
Joseph Wurtz, Dean of Students, Benedictine College, Atchison, KS

"Elkader folks are raving about your performance."
Kay Moser, Executive Director, Elkader Opera House, Elkader, IA

"Nizer brought the house down with his finale."
- Russ Kaufman

"Your Humor is Always on Target."
Glenn Farr,, Campus Activites Magazine

"From start to finish, Mark Nizer's one man show thoroughly entertained our audience!"
Dr. Adam Schattschneider
Artist Series Director, Bluffton University

"Popular Science magazine should do an article on his behind-the-scenes technologies. MOST impressive. The 3-D effects were great, as well. It appeared as if visuals were hovering over the center of the audience."
Sonny Burnette, Georgetown College, KY

"Mark was excellent, the crowd loved him, Ray really loved him, I think Ray would like to go on tour with him. He was super easy to work with, he was extremely organized, funny, entertaining, I simply can't say enough good things about him and his show."
Marlene Stovall
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

"I've had nothing but positive comments about the show. Everyone enjoyed it and I was very pleased with the turn out."
Debbie Dunn, manager
Garner Performing Arts Center

"THANKS! Getting rave reviews!! It was fun!!"
Corporate Keynote Presentaion
Shari Haushalter

"Our audience, both young and young at heart were amazed at your juggling abilities and your incorporation of technology, audio and visual effects that had everyone on the edge of their seat waiting for what "wow" moment you were going to do next."
Rustin Lippincott
Fairfield Arts, Fairfield Iowa

"We had huge crowds and they LOVED the show. He is remarkable in so many ways. He is a magnificent performer and he is a great human being. We had him a few years ago and I forgot how talented and funny he is. I saw both shows and just couldn't get enough. Put a star beside his name for me! He's the best!"
Bonnie Elosser
University of Virginia, Wise, VA

"Words don't seem adequate to describe how much we enjoyed the show. We were floored.
Thank you for the best afternoon of enjoyment we have had in a long time!"
Donald Byrne
Milwaukee, WI

"It was an amazing performance and the smiling faces leaving Friday night made us so proud to bring such talent to Owensboro. We do hope to have you back. Thanks for making us look so good to the patrons, many of who have not attended a performance here before."
Donna Conkwright
Programming Director
RiverPark Center

We appreciated the thought and creativity that went into all aspects of your show. From the subtle jokes to the obvious ones, from the standard juggling of pins -which you rocked btw- to the more revolutionary inventions like your S shaped boards, everything won us over. I hope you get many many thank yous like this one after each show.
Audience member
Bankhead Theater, CA

Thanks for the great show, we had a great response from our audience!
Michael DeCristofaro
John W. Engeman Theater

We saw the great @marknizer at the @GalloArts center. He was AMAZING (& funny). Well worth it & great for a family/couple!
Mike Pascale via Twitter

Thanks again for a great show. Everyone enjoyed it !
Karl Peterson
NW Naturopathic Physicians Convention

Mark Nizer was fantastic – and the audience loves him! His extraordinary juggling keeps everyone on the edge of their seats and his quick humor keeps them laughing through it all. It's quite the experience for all ages!
Pam Manocchio
The Grand Opera House, Willmington, DE

Everyone truly enjoyed your great performance.
Thanks again for making our conference great with your comedy and juggling act.
You are great and you can tell you enjoy what you do.
Clara James
Customer Service Manager
Austram, Inc.

The show last night was sooooo good. And Mark such an incredibly nice person.
So many of my friends w/ kids in the audience, and they had a blast.
Shannon McCormick
Programming Director
Center for the Arts

He was wonderful!!!
Iris Mosher-Propper
Van Nostrand Theatre
Suffolk County Community College

Just a quick note to let you know that Mark's show was absolutely incredible.
The audience was completely mesmerized- Perhaps the best performer we have ever had at our event.
Stephen Singer - Lubavitch of New Hampshire
The Palace Theater, Manchester, NH

Saw him in Silver City NM this week. Wow, should be a Vegas headliner or in Cirque du Soleil.
Twana Sparks

Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed having you in Abilene on Sunday!
The crowd loved your show and we've heard great comments and feedback. Thanks for sharing your extensive talents with us!
Hollye Jaklewicz
Director, Performing Arts Series
Abilene Cultural Affairs Council Grants Administrator

"Saw the show at the Culpeper State Theater and absolutely loved the show.
I even got to interact with the show and enjoyed every moment of the performance. I would give it five stars!!!"
Michael Rammel

We were either laughing hysterically or gaping in awe at the incredible feats of thie astoniding performer. FABULOUS and impressive!!!"
- Divadamour
(Pepperdine University Theater)

Thank you so much for coming to EIU this last weekend! You were a great asset to our Family Weekend events and so amazing to work with. I hope your trip to Florida went well and you enjoy the Florida sunshine! Thank you again!
- Sara Triplett
Eastern Illinois University

I have to tell you this was the most entertaining show we have been to in a long time. I am sure we got on Susan's last nerve by laughing so much the other night. It is not always easy to find something to laugh about in my life but I must tell you listening to him certainly gave me something to laugh at. I really needed that! Everyone that went we know could not stop talking about what a great show it was.

Thank you for bringing him back- I really think I could watch him year after year.
-Samantha Moore
Dunn Center for the Performing Arts

It was, indeed, a great performance. I've only heard positive feedback.
Even the sponsor commented on how wonderful it was, so that is great news.
-Kimberly G. Gattle, Ex. Director
Grand Opera House of the South

Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the show you performed at the Fairfield Community Rec Center last night.
You were very entertaining and funny, and both myself and my kids had a wonderful time watching you perform.
We've been to about 6 of the shows from the Enteract series for children/family that they put on there and seen many types of entertainment. After we left the show last night, we all agreed that yours has been the best so far.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a great night of entertainment.
-Adam Fowler

That's terrific…and so were you! Thanks again for a great show.
Heidi Schiller, CPRP
Parks & Recreation Department

"Toccoa really enjoyed the show last Friday! You've both been so easy to work with and we'd definitely like to have you back another time."
~Danita Gaudetta
Executive Director ,The Historic Ritz Theatre, Toccoa, GA

You did a great job and I thought the student science show was one of our best ever. The computer animation and lights and special effects were well done and the juggling and performances aspects were excellent.
Harry Dietzler, Executive and Artistic Director
Upper Darby Performing Arts Center



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