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Science Topics Covered:
The Scientific Method
Critical Thinking
The Speed of Light
Origins of Life
Laws of Motion

"Mark Nizer's show was amazing!"
~5th Grade Class, Westmoor Elementary

"He mesmerized the students!"
~News Topic, NC

"Imagine seeing this as a 6 or 7 year old and what you will think about the rest of your life.”
~Lindsay Barrick
Executive Director; Caldwell Arts Council's Artists in Schools Program

"He was the funniest person in the world. Thank you for sending us to this wonderful experience!"
~Kinsey's 5th Grade Kearney, NE

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Programs Offered:


Mark's live performance science show. Team up with future Mark from 50 years in the future so that we can save the earth by bringing students up to speed on the science we will need to save the planet.


Mark teaches juggling in this interactive lesson that covers: How we learn
Laws of Motion

*This program is limited to 100 participants and needs to be in a open space with room for particapants to juggle.

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